What is JOGA?

JOGA a three dimensional neuromuscular movement system that bridges the gap between the science of yoga breathing/relaxation with the biomechanics of sports.

JOGA cultivates results as it optimizes the human system with a strategic focus on integrating the subsystems of the body ie: respiratory system , nervous system , muscular skeletal system , circulatory system, endocrine system, digestive system, lymphatic system , essentially we have hacked traditional yoga and created a system that thrives on efficiency, results and optimal human performance and is used by the best athletes and sports teams world-wide.

JOGA enhances athletic performance, improves concentration, decreases recovery time and ultimately, transforms an athletes game. JOGA gives athletes an edge over their competition. This edge is earned.

The 3 Components of the JOGA System

1. Posture

Movements are designed within the kinetic understanding of how athletes move and train.

Specific anatomical cues are used to find symmetry in the core structures of the body so it operates with higher efficiency and lower effort.

3-dimensional movements of JOGA combine dynamic and static positions with a focus on a balance of joint stability.

All positions are generated from stability with a focus on centralised movement.

2. Breathing

Techniques are used to coordinate breath with movement to increase range of motion and mind-muscle connectivity.

Specific breathing exercises are used to maximize lung capacity and channel oxygen into the blood flow more efficiently while simultaneously releasing carbon dioxide and monoxide from the muscle fibres – essential for recovery and cellular rejuvenation.

Specialized breathing exercises are included to balance the left and right side of the brain allowing athletes to stay calm and creative while executing plays and strategies.

3. Relaxation

Joga challenges the physical body while practising mental toughness. The goal being to remain calm and non reactive; athletes reserve energy and become more sustainable.

Specific relaxation tools are used to relax the repetitive muscles of the eyes, jaws and tongue producing more range of motion and mobility in the spine.

Particular breathing techniques and phrases are practised to calm the mind and ease any anxiety/pressure that comes with being an elite athlete. The meditations are geared towards the ecosystem of athletes.

Who is doing JOGA?

The Athletes

NJ Devils
Montreal Canadiens
Pittsburgh Penguins
Vancouver Canucks
Phoenix Coyotes
St. Louis Blues
Philadelphia Flyers
New York Rangers
Calgary Flames
Toronto Maple Leafs
Florida Panthers
Edmonton Oilers
Colorado Avalanche
Detroit Red Wings

Earn Your Edge!

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